High Speed Jetting Valve

AV-1000 is a non-contact high speed dispensing valve. It can be used to perform jetting of most common glue types including epoxy resin, UV-cured glue, silicone, acrylic acid, conductive glue, and hot melt glue. It is most suitable for applications requiring high dispensing speed or contactless glue dispensing.

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Jet Valve for Hot-Melt

The high speed jet valve AV-1000HM option is an extension to our signature jet valve AV-1000 . Several sub-systems has been re-designed to customize for the contactless dispensing of highly viscous hot-melt and other highly viscous, high temperature materials.

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Expert Consulting

With our extensive experience in the field, we can provide consulting services on any dispensing related process. Argotec also collaborates with its customer in difference kinds of OEM/ODM services or project co-development with customers. Please contact us for any inquiries.

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        Argotec specializes in the R&D in the dispensing and automation technologies. We design and sell precision dispensing equipment mainly targeting electronics assembly and other idustrial production. We also provide professional consulting service in fields of dispensing, automation, vision positioning and inspection, motion control, etc. We value sharing and mutual success! We believe that by working closely with our partners, we together will be able to support the overall growth and improvement of the industry.