AV-1000 High Speed Jetting Valve

AV-1000 High Speed Jetting Valve

AV-1000 is a non-contact high speed dispensing valve. It can be used to perform jetting of most common glue types including epoxy resin, UV-cured glue, silicone, acrylic acid, conductive glue, and hot melt glue. Dot volume can be as small as 2-3nL. It can reach a highest jetting frequency at about 200Hz.
It is most suitable for applications requiring high dispensing speed or contactless glue dispensing. It is most suitable for applications such as PCBA, underfill, protective encapsulation (for electronics components), CCM/VCM assembly, LED, semiconductor assembly, lubrication, and health science.


  • Non-contact dispensing eliminates the need for up-down motion, greatly improving production efficiency
  • Very high jetting frequency (200 dots/s)
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Capable of handling a wide variety of fluid types
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Small dot size:200μm
  • New innovative design largely extends working life of both the valve and wearable parts
  • Low overall cost of ownership


Typical Applications

Underfill Protection for Flip-Chip and BGA Devices
Phosphor Potting for LED
Die-Attach Epoxy Resin
Encapsulation for COB
Conformal Coating
PCB Assembly
LCD Sealing
Camera Module Lens Fixing
Lens Attach for LED Back Light (LED-TV)
Thermal-Conductive Adhesives
UV-Cure Adhesives
Hot-Melt Glue

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:80mmx59mmx130mm (LxDxH)
Highest Jetting Frequency:200 dots/s
Smallest Dot Size:200μm
Nozzle Sizes:0.07mm – 0.60mm (2.8mil – 24mil)

System Requirements

Solenoid Valve Pressure:min. 0.5MPa
Heater Power:50W/110Vac
Heater Temperature:150°C