AV-850 Tri-mode Conformal Coating Valve

Conformal Coating Valve Operating in Three Modes.


  • Single dispense head coats in three modes of operation – bead, swirl and spray – for flexibility and control.
  • Volume and pressure variations and shaping air jets create bead, monofilament or swirl patterns.
  • Delivers film builds of thickness from 6.25 µm to over 0.5 mm in a single pass.
  • Applies coatings with viscosities from 1 to 5,000 cPs.
  • Patterns can be changed on-the-fly during a single dispensing cycle.
Three Modes:
av_850_detail av_850_detail av_850_detail



Operating Air Pressure 0.4 MPa
Max. Fluid Pressure 2 MPa
Max. Working Frequency 400 cycles/min
Compatible Viscosity 1 – 20000 cPs
Atomizing Air Pressure 1 – 60 psi
Fluid Path Material Stainless Steel
Fluid Inlet Rc1/8
Mounting 2 x M4 screws
Dimensions ~ 160mm x 26mm x 26mm
Mass 390 g